About Us


Selale is all about bringing you the best of the varied flavours from the Mediterranean countries, in a fresh, modern environment with warm friendly service and outstanding value. Our restaurant is designed and operated by brilliant people with the emphasis on quality food and service, entertainment and local community.
Using only the best spices and ingredients to prepare some of the most delicious dishes in town; a clean hospitable environment with friendly and quick customer service; the luscious food along with dedicated staff brings our customers from all around UK to our restaurant. The success of Selale restaurant has been highlighted by the media on several occasions. Also Selale Restaurant is the winner of the Best British Kebab Award 2015
Daily Stew, daily prepared mezzes, marinated kebabs, traditional Turkish pides, fresh fishes, wine and cocktails are what we offer to our customers. We can serve up to 180 people in our establishment.
We also have a semi enclosed conservatory area at the entrance that makes it ideal for our customers to enjoy Spring/Summer.
We hope to see you soon.